Surface Nanoscience

Period: Second        ECTS: 4

Course contents

Topic 1 Introduction

Relevance of surfaces for systems with nanometer-size and reduced dimensionality.

Topic 2 Atomic and electronic structure of surfaces

Structure, reconstructions and relaxations, electronic surface states, work function.

Topic 3 Graphene

Description, properties, synthetic methods, controlled modifications.

Topic 4 Surface nanopatterning: lithography

Topic 5 Adsorption

Physisorption and chemisorption, Surface functionalization.

Topic 6 Diffusion and aggregation

Diffusion modes, aggregation and self-assembly, growth modes.

Topic 7 Magnetic and transport properties of nanostructures and systems with reduced dimensionality


  • A. Zangwill, Physics at surfaces, 2nd edition, Cambridge Univ. Press (Cambridge 1990)
  • H. Lüth, Surfaces and interfaces of solids, Springer (Berlín, 1993)


Coordinator  Roberto Otero Martín

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