Systems Biology

Period:  Second semester (february-april)

ECTS:  4

Course contents:

1.- Dynamical systems in Biology: equilibria and bifurcations. Multistability. Limit cycles. Times scale separation and Michaelis-Menten kinetics.
2.- Introduction to complex networks.
3.- Regulatory networks: mathematical models.
4.- Motifs and modules in biological networks: genetic oscillators and switches. Robustness and adaptation.
5.- Reaction-diffusion systems and pattern formation in Biology.
6.- Quantitative developmental Biology: mechanical forces in development. Detection of morphogene gradients.
7.- Advanced seminars: Noise and variability in gene expression. Cellular dynamics in response to drug treatment. Collective behavior.



-U. Alon, An introduction to systems biology. Chapman and Hall CRC, 2007.
-E. Klipp et al., ‘Systems Biology: a textbook’. Wiley-Blackwell, 2009.
-E. O. Voit. ‘A First Course in Systems Biology’. Garland Science, 2012.


Coordinator:   Raúl Guantes


More info on the course official guide (Guía docente)