Master in Physics of Condensed Matter
and Biological Systems

Nanophysics specialization

Biophysics specialization



Master in Physics of Condensed Matter and Biological Systems

The ultimate aim of the Master in Physics of Condensed Matter and Biological Systems is training future researchers of excellence in the areas of knowledge related to the program.

The Master has a strong multidisciplinary character and offers two specializations: Nanophysics and Biophysics.

Within the Nanophysics specialization, the student will acquire a wide range of basic, methodological, and technological knowledge  and skills related to the study  of  the properties of solids and liquids, as well as in the area of nanoscience

In the Biophysics specialization, the students will gain a quantitative understanding of biological organisms, systems, and processes from the point of view of physics, as well as of the most advanced physical techniques used in their study. Emphasis will be given not only to theoretical knowledge but also to computational and experimental tools.

The Master is aimed at graduates in Physics or Materials Science (for Nanophysics specialization) as well as to graduates in experimental or life sciences (Physics, Biology, Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Chemistry, Mathematics or Engineering) for the Biophysics specialization.

Students of both specializations will share a common block of subjects (15 ECTS) where they will become familiar with the main experimental techniques in the fields of Nano and Biophysics (choosing from a wide offer those best tailored to their interests), with the fundamentals of physicochemical processes governing the behavior of complex molecular systems, and with professional skills and transversal competences. Then they will diversify by specializations, with a module of compulsory specialization subjects (12 ECTS) and elective subjects (12 ECTS). There is flexibility to take subjects from different specializations depending on student interests.

The Autonomous University of Madrid (Campus of Excellence CSIC+UAM) is ideally suited to offer interdisciplinary postgraduate studies in Nano and Biophysics of the highest academic level. In the Master will participate not only recognized researchers and professors from different Departments and University Research Institutes (Material Science Institute ‘Nicolás Cabrera’, Institute for Condensed Matter Physics IFIMAC) but also well known specialists from different research institutes in the Campus: National Biotechnology Centre, Centre for Molecular Biology  ‘Severo Ochoa’, Catalisis and Material Science Institutes (CSIC), Madrid Institute for Advanced Studies in Nanosciences (IMDEA Nanociencia), as well as collaborations from the Scientific Park and spinoffs (Biomol Informatics).

The Master is associated to the Institute for Materials Science ‘Nicolás Cabrera’ (INC) at UAM, and to the Condensed Matter Physics Center (IFIMAC), awarded with a ‘María de Maeztu’ Excellence Program. Several grants for Master studies are funded by IFIMAC.