Nanophysics specialization



Biophysics specialization



Faculty members and research lines

Nicolás Agraït de la Puente
Quantum properties of atomic- and molecular-size conductors

Farkhad Aliev
Experimental physics of magnetic and superconducting nanostructures

Jesús Álvarez Alonso
Experimental physics of magnetic nanostructures and self-assembled monolayers

José Vicente Álvarez Carrera
Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics

Jorge Bravo Abad
Artificial Intelligence for Condensed Matter Physics and Materials Science

Iván Brihuega Álvarez
Atomic force microscopy (AFM) and scanning tunnelling microscopy (STM)

Julio Camarero de Diego
Characterization and control of magnetic inversion processes in artificial materials of low dimensionality

María José Capitán Aranda
Experimental physics of magnetic nanostructures and self-assembled monolayers

Giorgio Cinacchi
Statistical physics of complex liquids and biophysics

Juan Carlos Cuevas Rodríguez
Physics of mesoscopic systems and superconductivity

Rafael Delgado Buscalioni
Hydrodynamics and computational physics of complex liquids

Elena del Valle Reboul
Quantum polaritonics

Daniel Farias Tejerina
Experimental research on surface chemical reactivity

Johannes Feist
Quantum plasmonics and polaritonics. Attosecond physics

Antonio I. Fernández Domínguez
Plasmonics. Nano-optics. Metamaterials

Fernando Flores Sintas
Theory of electromagnetic and electronic properties of nanosystems, surfaces, heterostructures and organic molecules

José María Gallego Vázquez
Surface physics. Organic and inorganic thin films.

Pablo García González
Optical properties of nanostructures

Enrique García Michel
Atomic and electronic structure of surfaces

Francisco José García Vidal
Nanophotonics in dielectric an metallic materials

Pedro García-Mochales Caro
Modelization of nanocontacts and metallic nanowires

Julio Gómez Herrero
Atomic force microscopy (AFM) and scanning tunnelling microscopy (STM). Nanotechnology

Cristina Gómez Navarro
Electronic transport in nanowires. Atomic force microscopy.

José María Gómez Rodríguez
Atomic force microscopy (AFM) and scanning tunnelling microscopy (STM). Nanostructures on metallic and semiconductor surfaces.

Guillermo Gómez Santos
Theoretical condensed matter physics

Isabel Guillamón Gómez
Visualizing electron correlations in unconventional metals and superconductors under strong magnetic fields

Eduardo Lee
Experimental low temperature quantum transport, hybrid superconductor-semiconductor nanostructure devices

Alfredo Levy Yeyati
Electronic transport in mesoscopic systems

Amadeo López Vázquez de Parga
Experimental research on surface physics

Francesca Marchetti
Coherent collective phenomena, condensation and superfluidity in semiconductor nanostructures and ultracold atoms

Jaime Merino Troncoso
Transport phenomena in strongly correlated materials, nonequilibrium many body physics , organic semiconductors

Juan José de Miguel Llorente
Experimental surface physics on magnetic nanostructures

David Míguez Gómez
Biophysics and Systems biology approaches to cancer and development

Rodolfo Miranda Soriano
Experimental research on molecular self-organization at surfaces and magnetic nanostructures

Rosa Monreal Vélez
Ion-surface interactions

Esteban Moreno Soriano
Nanophotonics, plasmonics, photonic crystals, quantum optics

José Ortega Mateo
Theory of electromagnetic and electronic properties of nanosystems, surfaces, heterostructures and organic molecules

Roberto Otero Martín
Self-assembling and dynamics of complex organic adsorbates

Pedro José de Pablo Gómez
Scanning tunnelling microscopy: molecular conductivity and biophysics

Juan José Palacios Burgos
Theoretical and computational methods on nano-electronics/spintronics. Graphene and derivates, metallic nanocontacts, topological insulators

Rubén Pérez Pérez
Atomic force microscopy. Forces and transport in nanostructures

Celia Polop Jordá
Surface and thin-films physics

Juan Antonio Porto Ortega
Nanophotonics. Near-field optics

Pablo Pou Bell
Atomic force microscopy. Forces and transport in nanostructures

Elsa Prada Núñez
Electronic properties of mesoscopic systems and low dimensional materials

José Emilio Prieto de Castro
Growth and characterization of epitaxial thin films and magnetic materials surfaces

Miguel Ángel Ramos Ruiz
Properties of disordered solids and glasses at low temperatures

José Gabriel Rodrigo Rodríguez
Scanning tunneling microscopy of superconductors

Gabino Rubio Bollinger
Nanostructures at low temperatures

Pilar Segovia Cabrero
Electronic structure of nanostructures on surfaces

José María Soler Torroja
Ab-initio simulation of materials

Hermann Suderow Rodríguez
Experimental research on magnetism and superconductivity at the nanoscopic scale

Pedro Tarazona Lafarga
Statistical physics of complex liquids

Carlos Tejedor de Paz
Semiconductor nanostructures, quantum Hall effects, quantum optics, optical properties of quantum-dots

Enrique Velasco Caravaca
Statistical and computational physics of complex liquids

Sebastián Vieira Díaz
Experimental research on: low-temperature physics, thermal properties of solids, superconductivity

Félix Ynduráin Muñoz
Electronic theory of solids. Magnetism of low-dimensionality systems