Nanophysics specialization



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Condensed Matter Physics is a widely recognized area of contemporary physics, both for its numerous applications as for the wide range of theoretical and practical problems that it addresses. In turn, Nanotechnology and Nanoscience constitute an area of current active research and development. For many years they have formed a very important part in the research and teaching of the Departments that participate in this Master, which have achieved international recognition in this area. The Universidad Autonoma de Madrid is thus an excellent place for carrying postgraduate studies in Condensed Matter Physics and Nanosciences.

The Nanophysics specialization is aimed at graduates in Physics or Materials Science, although it is also open to graduates in Chemistry or Engineering.

The overall objective of the Nanophysics specialization is to provide a coherent, attractive and modern teaching on a wide range of fundamental, methodological and technological aspects in Physics of Condensed Matter and Nanoscience. The student will acquire a deep knowledge and understanding of the fundamental physical properties of solids and liquids, becoming familiar with the required theoretical, experimental, and numerical simulation tools.

Upon completion of the Master, the student will have achieved an integrated and rigorous overview of the processes and physical properties of matter at the nanoscale. He/she shall also be trained in handling theoretical concepts and experimental and computational tools and their application to specific problems. And finally, thanks to the motivated and highly qualified faculty members, he/she shall gain a clear perspective of the main open problems and the most promising lines of research in Condensed Matter Physics and Nanophysics.