Master in Physics of Condendsed Matter
and Biological Systems

Nanophysics specialization

Biophysics specialization



UAM-Fujitsu grants 2017-2018

Logo UAM-FujitsuSponsored by the Catedra UAM/Fujitsu for Scientific Computation and Big Data, the Master in Physics of Condensed Matter and Biological Systems offers two grants (one for Biophysics and other for Nanophysics specializations), that will partially cover the matriculation fees of the Master, 2.000 € each grant.

The call is open from 18 September to 11 October 2017.

The candidates should be matriculated in the Master during the course 2017-18, and should send the following documents to the Master coordinators by e-mail (

– Curriculum Vitae.

– Certificate of graduation marks (including average mark).

– Motivation letter specifying how the Master thesis project of the candidate will be related to scientific computation and/or big data analysis, and name and affiliation of the supervisor.