Biophysics Specialization



Nanophysics specialization



Period: 2nd

ECTS:  4

Course contents:

1st Block.
  • Biostatistics
  • Data Mining and Functional Genomics.
  • Sequence Analysis.
2nd Block
  • Introduction to Protein Structure. Protein Folding.
  • Molecular Dynamics.
  • Normal Mode Analysis
  • Homology modelling of protein structures
  • Some notions of molecular docking for drug design
3rd Block.
  • Molecular Evolution.
  • Evolution Rates and Phylogenetics.
  • Evolution of protein folding stability and protein structures:  Classification and Modelling.

Bibliography: Suggested books:

– Graur, D., Li, W.H. (2000) Fundamentals of molecular evolution,
Sinauer, Sunderland. *

– W.J. Ewens, G.R. Grant (2001) Statistical methods in Bioinformatics: An introduction. Springer Verlag, New York **

– NH Barton, DEG Briggs, JA Eisen, DB Goldstein and NH Patel (2007) Evolution  Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press *


Coordindor. Ugo Bastolla

Email: ubastolla@cbm.csic.uam




More info on the course official guide (Guía docente)