Nanophysics specialization



Biophysics specialization



Period: Second        ECTS: 4

Course contents

Topic 1 Introduction

Thermodynamics, cryogenic liquids and solids at low temperatures.

Topic 2 Superfluids and diluted gases

Bose-Einstein condensation. Phase coherence. Excitations. Thermodynamics. Two fluid models. Wave propagation. Vortices.

Topic 3 Helium 3 and helium 3/helium 4 mixtures

Superfluid helium 3. Cryogenics of the dilution of helium 3 in helium 4.

Topic 4 Superconductivity

Phenomenology of supercondcutors. Electrodynamic properties. Josephson effect. Vortices. SQUID.

Activity 1 Advanced seminars and Practical sessions

Lectures will be complemented by advanced seminars and practical sessions where the students will work on some techniques. In these sessions, we intend to present macroscopic quantum phenomena in liquid helium, crystal growth and new materials, dilution refrigeration and vortex physics.


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  • Ch. Enss and S. Hunklinger, “Low Temperature Physics” (Springer).978-3540231646.
  • Lounasmaa, O.V. (1974). Experimental Principles and Methods Below 1 K. London: Academic Press. p. 316. ISBN 978-0124559509.


Coordinator  Isabel Guillamón

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