Nanophysics specialization



Biophysics specialization



Period: Second        ECTS: 4

Course contents

Topic 1 Introduction to path integrals

Feynman path integral in quantum mechanics. Functional integrals in quantum field theory. Fermion and boson propagators. Perturbation theory: Feynman diagrams and Dyson equation.

Topic 2 Applications of the functional integral to condensed matter

RPA approximation to the electron gas. Fermi liquid theory. Broken symmetry and mean field theory.

Topic 3 Criticality and the renormalization group

Phase transitions and criticality. Introduction to the renormalization group in quantum field theory. Applications of the renormalization group to simple problems.

Topic 4 The Hubbard model and bosonization

The 1D Hubbard model with the renormalization group. Bosonization. Luttinger liquid and spin-charge separation.

Topic 5 Diagrammatic approach to out-of-equilibrium systems

The Keldysh formalism. Diagrammatic expansions in out-of-equilibrium systems. The triangular representation.

Topic 6 Applications to electronic transport

Electronic transport in nano structures. Stationary and time-dependent transport.  Analysis of fluctuations: full counting statistics.

Topic 7 Out-of-equilibrium systems with broken symmetry

Superconductivity. Nambu representation. Andreev reflection, Andreev states and multiple Andreev reflection. Basic concepts about topological superconductors.

Topic 8 Out-of-equilibrium systems of interacting electrons

Transport in quantum dots.  Coulomb blockade and Kondo effect.


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Coordinator  Jaime Merino

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